Find the Best Wedding Venues in Kolkata

A wedding is one of the major events that we celebrate on this earth. A good wedding should cater to the needs of the bride and groom as well as those of the invitees. One major thing that makes for a beautiful wedding is the venue. Flipping through the thousands of wedding venues and choosing the venue is an uphill … Read More

Self Driving Car Startup Establishes New Singapore Office With The Help Of Grab

The automobile industry has definitely begun to see the writing on the wall, and the future of self driving and almost completely autonomous vehicle technology is going to be here sooner than most people realize. Already major companies are starting to test fully automatic and 100% automated semi tractor-trailer operations, taking advantage of advanced technology, GPS solutions, and a whole … Read More

Samsung Galaxy S9: The Best Phone Of 2018

Samsung to launch the world’s best smartphone i.e. Galaxy S9, but the launch is very near. It is almost half a year after from now. The recent Galaxy S8 already had impressed the world, but it is not enough after the Apple iPhone X appeared in the market. In the Galaxy S8, the settings screen no longer shows several tabs … Read More

Things To Consider While Selecting A New Family Vehicle

Buying a new family car is something that you should place plenty of research and thought into before you take any steps towards purchasing a vehicle. Your family spends many hours per year in the car together traveling as a family. You place much emphasis on your children’s safety before you allow them to do many things. You should place … Read More

You Benefit From PCO Car Hire

The PCO, or Public Carriage Office, runs exceptionally strict regulations in regards to cab drivers, chauffeur driven vehicles, and courier companies inside the city of London. To reduce emissions released in the city centre on any one day, you are required to own a PCO license and drive a car capable of meeting a range of highly specific specifications set … Read More

Insurance Woes Reducing The Ranks Of Owner-Operators

A brand-new truck driver who has just finished school is immediately faced with the decision of going to work as an employee or striking out as an independent contractor. The latter choice carries with it some tremendous expenses that have to be met long before the trucker ever carries his/her first load. Insurance is one of those expenses. Unfortunately, insurance … Read More

Best Moving Tips That Will Save A Big Amount For You

Migrating  to a new country is a big decision. You must be excited about your new place and missing the existing place. You need to round up with all your home projects in a short time. It’s the time when you have to do the packing and the shopping for a new place. If you haven’t decided till now, which trailer … Read More

What If We Didn’t Have An Army Of Flatbed Truckers?

You may have read past blog posts and news stories mentioning the fact that trucking is an integral part of the U.S. economy. All those posts and news articles make a very good point. Still, it would be interesting to survey consumers to find out just how much they know about the trucking industry, particularly flatbed trucking. The average consumer … Read More

Rent A Small RV For An Outstanding Vacation Experience

Some travelers are quite happy driving small cars or medium-size cars when they head out for vacations. Others choose something on the other end of the vehicle scale, quite literally taking their homes along with them in large recreational vehicles that more closely resembles buses. Each individual has his or her own preferences for how he or she wants to … Read More